The KRISTAL PLUS HS product line is a range of conventional products. KRISTAL HS Clear Coat 92 PLUS is a 'standard' product, all paint manufacturers have a comparable HS product. The products are very easy to use, the processor can't go wrong with PLUS. The products from the KRISTAL PLUS HS product line are high quality products. This product line is more economical in price compared to the KRISTAL eXcellent UHS range, nevertheless the products are of high quality and easy to use. The KRISTAL PLUS HS product line also consists of a 50°C Hardener, with this Hardener the spray booth does not have to heat up to the usual 60°C, saving extra energy costs. Furthermore, the KRISTAL PLUS HS product line consists of various Degreasers, both solvent-based and water-based, a Spray Thinner, an excellent Epoxy Primer-Surfacer, Washprimer CR and a Plastic Bonding Primer.

Product description
Standard thinner for KRISTAL products except Epoxy Primer, Washprimer and 1K Synthetic products.

Available in
1 lt / 5 lt

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