ZENITH is the budget product line of Kristal Coatings. We are aware that in addition to supplying the top segment market, there is also a demand for low-priced budget products. In order to also offer our valued distributors the opportunity to supply this market, we have developed ZENITH. ZENITH is offered at a low price, nevertheless the products are of high quality. Products developed and produced in the Netherlands. The ZENITH product range consists of 2 Clear Coats and 2 Surfacers with of course accompanying products such as Hardeners and Thinners. Furthermore, all ZENITH products are VOC Compliant according to EU directive 2004/42/EC and are easy to process.

ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1
ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1 is the latest Clear Coat addition to the ZENITH product range from Kristal Coatings. A premium quality product for an economical price. ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1 is a very easy to process product, processing according to the 'conventional' method. A forgiving Clear Coat with room for mistakes, such as a high resistance to sagging. When needed, ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1 is very easy to polish. As the name suggests, the VOC content of ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1 is 420 g/L. making this Clear Coat VOC compliant according to the most recent EU directive. ZENITH HS420 Clear Coat 2:1 is available in 5 liter packaging, with the corresponding Hardeners in 2.5 liter packaging.

Available in
5 lt

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